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Shaker Pines Lake Association Monthly Meeting Minutes
March 6, 2012.

Meeting opened at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Board members present: Nelson Rodriguez, Lorraine Creedon, Lori Parker, Jason Bouchard, George Temple, Leslie Cunningham
Board members absent: Irene Percoski. Jason Stebbins
Tax Collector: Irene Percoski present

Minutes of the February 7, 2012 regular meeting were read a motion was made by Lorraine Creedon to accept the minutes; seconded by Jason Bouchard motioned carried unanimously.

Remarks from Association Members
Melvin Seelig of 26 Hassmar Road reported that a tree on his neighbor's lot came down during the storm and that it would likely come down because of the damage. Mr. Seelig requested a recommendation from the Board for a tree removal company. He was also concerned that the tree was right across from the school bus stop and he was afraid children might be harmed if the tree comes down while they are waiting for the bus. Nelson Rodriguez will work with Mr. Seelig to resolve this issue.

Correspondence/Communication Received

Treasurer Report
$61.00 was received in interest. The balances are: money market account $27,719.23, certificates of deposit $98,816.21, general fund $5,945.35 and checking account $114.71. The activity fund balance is $1,101.49.

A motion was made by Jason Bouchard and seconded by George Temple to approve payment of $811.83 in bills: $112.50 for stamps, $41.44 for notebooks and supplies for BOD manuals, Minute Man Printer $122.89, Lycott $275 and $260 for placing liens a Motion Carried.

Tax Collector Report
Irene Percoski reported that $693.55 was collected in January the total to date to $12690.90.

Committee Reports

Ecology - Leslie Cunningham, Jason Stebbins.
Leslie Cunningham reviewed the conservation or preservation waterway designation and found that we have no restrictions on Shaker Pines Lake. She will notify Lycott.

Properties - Jason Bouchard, George Temple
Spillway was cleared, fish gate still needs to be repaired and will be looked at in the fall when the water is down.

Communications Committee - George Temple, Lori Parker
George Temple reported that the newsletter was mailed. Lorraine Creedon reported that she found the Welcome

Welcome Book Committee - Linda Marr, Lori Parker, Nelson Rodriguez, Lorraine Creedon
Lorraine Creedon found the booklet on-line from the last revision. The committee will work on the update during the spring/summer.

Activity Committee - George Temple, Carrie Bond, Darlene Duga, and Jason Stebbins
The Activity Committee fund raiser is scheduled for tr May 12th the committee and those interested in helping will meet at the Buona Vita restaurant at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday March 10.

Audit Committee - Lorraine Creedon and Lori Parker
No report

Old Business

  1. Letters to new homes on tax roll - Lorraine Creedon will send this week. Discussion continued on the property 92 West Shore road and inclusion in the Association.
  2. Stonegate - property fronting North Maple in front of Stonegate is for sale. no change in the property. The Permits are good until 20016/2017. Lori Parker reported that there are many conditions and we should review the conditions.
  3. Lake treatment - Permit fee has been sent
  4. Refinishing signs - still in progress
  5. Board of Director's book sample presented by Lorraine Creedon, ideas for inclusion: note paper, properties, important contacts, job descriptions, charter, by-laws, etc. Lorraine is continuing to collect documents.
  6. Five year plan for properties. Jason Stebbins continues to work on pricing project to build a passive boat ramp at the south beach. He will present at our next meeting.
  7. New members - consider who we would approach to be on the Board for next year.
New Business

Motion made, seconded and carried to adjourn at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lorraine A. Creedon


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