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Shaker Pines Lake Association Monthly Meeting Minutes
April 3, 2012.

Meeting opened at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Board members present: Nelson Rodriguez, Lorraine Creedon, Lori Parker, George Temple, Leslie Cunningham, Irene Percoski, Jason Stebbins Board members absent: Jason Bouchard
Tax Collector: Irene Percoski present

Minutes of the March 6, 2012 regular meeting were read the following corrections were made: Total approved for bills paid was $811.83 the Minute Man bill was $122.89 the bill for $39.59 was previously paid. A motion was made by Irene Percoski to accept the minutes as amended; seconded by Lorraine Creedon motioned carried unanimously.

Remarks from Association Members

Correspondence/Communication Received
Lycott contacted Leslie Cunningham to discuss allowing DEP to look for endangered plants and moth that had previously been documented on Shaker Pines Lake. If the Dwarf Bullrush is not found we would be able to treat lily pads. Board agreed to allow DEP to survey the lake.

Treasurer Report
$63.88 was received in interest. The balances are: money market account $27,723.47, certificates of deposit $98,875.37, general fund $5,955.83 and checking account $50.38. The activity fund balance is $1,101.49.

A motion was made by Lorraine Creedon and seconded by George Temple to approve $129.42 for payment of bills: $78.00 to Irene Percoski for liens and supplies and $51.42 to Minute Man Printer for dinner tickets. Motion Carried.

The Board agreed that the CD coming due would be rolled to a six month certificate as there is not enough differentiation in interest to warrant committing for a longer period of time.

Tax Collector Report
Irene Percoski reported that $110.00 was collected in March the total to date to $12,300.90.

Committee Reports

Ecology - Leslie Cunningham, Jason Stebbins.
The boom needs repair so it can be placed in the lake. Jason Stebbins and Nelson Rodriguez will initiate repairs. Jason and Nelson will also go around the lake and review the downed trees to see what recommendations need to be made for removal or mitigation.

Properties - Jason Bouchard, George Temple
Spring clean up is not due until May. Irene Percoski asked about the status of the willow on the dam lot because of the damage done during the October storm. There is a branch in the water that will be removed but the tree seems to be stable. Nelson Rodriguez will contact town about the storm sewer on the upper (north) beach lot and initiate request for review of repair and/or replacement.

We have six acknowledgements of receipt of notification from the eight homeowners at the end of Cottage Road.

Communications Committee - George Temple, Lori Parker

Welcome Book Committee - Linda Marr, Lori Parker, Nelson Rodriguez, Lorraine Creedon
The Welcome Book in word document form was sent to the Board for review. The committee will work on revisions over the summer.

Activity Committee - George Temple, Carrie Bond, Darlene Duga, and Jason Stebbins
The tickets for the fund raiser dinner have been printed. Cost is $10 per person children under 17 free. Prizes will be gift cards $300 to Buona Vita, $200 to Chicago Sams and $100 to Li Brothers restaurants.

Audit Committee - Lorraine Creedon and Lori Parker
No report

Old Business

  1. Refinishing signs - still in progress. The Prison is checking to see if another facility can complete the repairs.
  2. Board of Director's book - Lorraine Creedon reported that they should be complete for distribution at next month's meeting.
  3. Five year plan for properties. Jason Stebbins provided a preliminary plan for improvement to the lower (south) beach lot with an initial cost estimate of $10,047. This included passive drive way for boat launching using pavers which grass would grow around. This would allow for members, lake treatment company and fire department to safely launch equipment without disturbing or damaging the lot. It would also allow handicap access to the lake front. In addition the estimate includes a low retaining wall to prevent further erosion of the beach and allow safe access to the water for children. There would also be a sand area for children to play in. The vision is to include picnic tables and grills which would make this a nice area for family picnics and parties. The price did not include tables, grills and some landscaping items. Jason will continue to work on the plan and cost estimate. The Board in hopeful that we will be able to obtain funding through grants to offset the cost of the project. Much of the equipment and labor will be donated.
New Business
    Nelson Rodriguez had a request from Kevin Rodriguez for approval to have an adult fishing derby on the lake. The Board inquired as to what was needed form the Association but Kevin was just looking for permission. George Temple acknowledged that the Activity Committee would be willing to provide some refreshments like they do for the children's fishing derby. The Board agreed that it would be nice to help out and was pleased with the idea.
Motion made, seconded and carried to adjourn at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lorraine A. Creedon


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