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Shaker Pines Lake Association Monthly Meeting Minutes
June 6, 2012.

Shaker Pines Lake Association June 6, 2012

Meeting opened at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Board members present: Nelson Rodriguez, Lorraine Creedon, Lori Parker, George Temple, Leslie Cunningham, Jason Stebbins, Jason Bouchard, Irene Percoski
Board members absent:
Tax Collector: Irene Percoski present

Minutes of the regular meeting May1, 2012 were read A motion was made by Lorraine Creedon to accept the minutes seconded by Irene Percoski motioned carried unanimously.

Remarks from Association Members
Jessica Duga indicated that August 11 would be the date for fishing derby with signup between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. and fishing until 12:00 p.m. She asked if she could add an additional prize for the biggest fish caught. The Board agreed that it was acceptable as it is funded from the activity committee.

Jessica also stated that she is not in favor of the boat launch. It is not needed and it is hard to keep people off the lake and beaches. A boat launch at the beginning of the street is too crowded. Parking for day folks would block street and there is no other exit for the street. Maybe we could improve the lot but not make it a boat launch.

Nelson Rodriguez indicated that it would be a safe boat launch for the fire department. Vote on any project is made by the members and we hope that a grant from the fire department would fund it.

Mr. and Mrs. Bajumpca expressed concern about enforcement of rules concerning traffic on the beach. Mr. Bajumpca asked if Lycott is able to get the boat in. The Board responded yes. He would limit erosion and asked if children would be able to get in. The Board responded yes and that Jason Stebbins would be doing a detailed presentation at the Annual Meeting.

Charles Macsata stated that the discussion began with a concern that the trailer got hung up on the lip of the lake during a launching.

Jason Bouchard spoke about the Board's purpose of cleaning and maintaining the Association's lots. E.g. the cleaning of the dam lot and 106 Cottage Road revealed drug paraphernalia and litter among the bushes. Cleaning the lots gives the police a clear view of the area.

Mr. Bajumpca asked about curb cuts on the beach lot and concern that it would cause road runoff to go into the lake.

George Temple: could we consider top soil rather than pavers. This started because the trailer got stuck. Do we need 150 feet of pavers and not just a ramp. This is more than what is needed. What happens if we use public funds (taxes) does that open the area to everyone in town?

Lorraine Creedon asked if we added top soil would support vehicles or would it cause ruts.

Jason Stebbins:: it started at waters edge and expanded back.

Jason Bouchard: We would need to clarification of grant vs. state project. State project is open to public. Grant is specific to group of people and use based on how the grant is written. How you write a grant is key.

Charles Macsata: Emergency services has three types of grants available. The SPLA project would not meet any of the current grant requirements that are focused on equipment.

Leslie Cunningham: We do want to be careful because of DEP and Wetlands requirements and introducing into the lake because there may be restrictions. Like the issue we are having with permitting to treat lily pads because of the dwarf bull rush.

Jessica Duga: read a letter from Guy Beck regarding Columbia lake being required to provide public access. Jessica also stated that the article in the Warning is misleading because it is not just about beautification and not all properties are included.

Jason Boudhard: The Board is creating a five year plan to recapture properties. Looking at sewer on upper (north) Cottage Road beach lot.

George Temple: Questions the number of boats launched. Don't think it should be referred to as a boat launch.

Irene Percoski: Asked if other non Board members wanted to address the Board. The Board can continue their opinions during the business session.

Correspondence/Communication Received

Jason Stebbins spoke with John Polonski who recommended having volunteers clean up water front for people who cannot do it on their own.

Darlene Duga: Please contact Hallmark regarding clean up of the brook there are broken trees and the youth are beginning to go back out into the wooded area.

George Temple: Lisa Dechura is dismayed about the "hacking" of the will on the dam lot.

Treasurer Report
$64.2 was received in interest. The balances are: money market account $31863.17, certificates of deposit $98,990.23, general fund $4.42 and checking account $104.89. The activity fund balance is $2869.00.

A motion was made by Lorraine Creedon and seconded by Jason Bouchard to approve $3,971.18 for payment of bills Motion Carried. The insurance bill $891 has not been received.

Tax Collector Report
No receipts in May.

Committee Reports

Ecology - Leslie Cunningham, Jason Stebbins.
Leslie Cunningham: The poles anchoring the boom need to be adjusted but can wait until fall. The boom itself need repair. Duck week and pond lilies are starting to come up and cat tails are visible and are invasive so we need to watch.

Properties - Jason Bouchard, George Temple
Jason Bouchard: Toured properties and lake, cleard out branches and trees from storm. Marked trees. George Temple: Turned spill way gate upside down so the broken slats are at the top and the fish cannot get through to the spillway. The spillway area needs to be cleaned out.

Communications Committee - George Temple, Lori Parker
The newsletter is going out with the warning. Sign on back lot owners lot on West Shore needs to be straightened.

Welcome Book Committee - Linda Marr, Lori Parker, Nelson Rodriguez, Lorraine Creedon
The committee will begin work on revisions over the summer.

Activity Committee - George Temple, Carrie Bond, Darlene Duga, and Jason Stebbins
The committee raised $1940 at dinner. June 16 annual meeting - hotdogs and hamburgers, June 31 boat parade, June 22 movie night, August 11 fishing derby,

Audit Committee - Lorraine Creedon and Lori Parker
No report

Old Business

  • Stonegate- Jason Bouchard: proposal on Mayfield property. Multifamily homes like duplex requires change in zoning. Leslie Cunningham: property is under contract. We would rather have something built than have the dust bowl that it has been. DEP has not responded about looking for dwarf bull rush.
  • Pipe - Dave Tuttle looked at pipe and agrees it is town's problem to repair. Also spoke to him regarding trees and mess on pump station lot.
  • 92 West Shore Drive - Jason Stebbins: presented information from the property deeds showing the property is within the boundaries of the SPLA. Lorraine Creedon to send letter to home owner regarding tax assessment for 2012.
New Business


Motion made, seconded and carried to adjourn at 10:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lorraine A. Creedon

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