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Shaker Pines Lake Association Monthly Meeting Minutes
July 3, 2012.

Meeting opened at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Board members present: Nelson Rodriguez, Leslie Cunningham, Lorraine Creedon, Sharon Ledger, Jason Stebbins, Daniel Hart and Randy Williams
Board members absent: George Temple, Jeffrey Duga
Tax Collector: Janice Labroad absent

Minutes of the June 6, 2012 regular meeting were presented by Lorraine Creedon - Motion was made by Nelson Rodriguez to accept the minutes seconded by Lorraine Creedon seconded motioned carried unanimously.

Minutes of the June 19, 2012 Executive Board meeting were presented by Lorraine Creedon - Motion was made by Nelson Rodriguez to accept the minutes seconded by Lorraine Creedon seconded motioned carried unanimously.

Remarks from Association Members
Darlene Duga: Requested Nelson Rodriguez please contact Hallmark regarding clean up of the brook area.

Jason Stebbins: Confirmed that there a few individuals that have been seen between the Duga and William's property starting fires and causing disturbances. They have been warned this behavior will not be tolerated and they will be arrested if they return.

Randy Williams: Confirmed that there is an agreement between the William's family and these individuals as well. If they trespass they will be arrested.

Correspondence/Communication Received
Leslie Cunningham has received Insurance bill which will be forwarded to Treasurer, Lorraine Creedon for payment.

Treasurer Report
There was no Treasurer Report for this month as Rockville Banks system was unavailable. Next month 2 months will be reported.

Transition of the Treasurer's position from Lori Parker to Lorraine Creedon has taken place.

A motion was made by Leslie Cunningham and seconded by Jason Stebbins to approve $1,269.06 for payment of bills Motion Carried.
The following payments will be processed:
Payable to: Description Amount
Irene Percoski Misc. - Postage $    6.10
Lorraine Creedon Misc. - Supplies $   38.37
Buono Vita Gift Cards - Boat Parade $100.00
  Insurance $891.00
Travis Buck June Mowing $200.00
Lori Parker Misc. - Popcorn Movie Night $   33.59

Tax Collector Report
Irene Percoski Reported for June 2012 - $571.20 was collected for All Years

Irene Percoski met with Janice Labroad regarding transitioning Tax collector responsibilities-
File cabinet with historical information needs to be transferred from Irene to Janice
Attorney contacted Irene Percoski regarding 8 liens - Requested a letter outlining the amounts due which totaled over $1,100
Check from Attorney for over $1,000 that was given to Nelson from Irene -
Release of a 3 Liens outstanding - Action needed Send to Town with a note to send bill to Treasurer for Payment
Nelson Rodriguez to contact Janice Labroad regarding transition responsibilities and update Irene Percoski by Saturday, July 7, 2012

Committee Reports
Ecology - Leslie Cunningham, Jason Stebbins, Daniel Hart and Janice Labroad
Leslie Cunningham has tried several times to contact Lycott Environmental regarding the lake treatment. She received notification the earliest treatment can be done is Wednesday, July 11, 2012.

Treatment was requested earlier this year (June vs. July) which seemed to cause some confusion. We budget for 3 treatments and normally only use 2 of the 3 treatments. If an additional treatment is necessary we would cover the cost as we do budget for 3 treatments.

The Charter was previously changed to stipulate that changes to the Annual meeting date can be made if necessary. This was touched upon as the timing of the meeting and contract with Lycott do not coincide. Annual Meeting is held in June, contract with Lycott renews after the Annual meeting and the budget is approved. However, the board positions are July 01 through June 30th. Once the contract is agreed/received it needs to be registered in the legal notices of the newspaper. Leslie Cunningham will follow up with Lycott Environmental regarding the possibility of changing the contract date.

Jason Stebbins: Dead Carp was discovered
Daniel Hart: Huge snapping turtle was discovered off of his deck

Properties - Jason Stebbins, George Temple, Nelson Rodriguez, Randy Williams
106 Cottage - clear brush - George Temple and Randy Williams working on clean up.

Dave Tuttle - Beach area pipe erosion.

92 West Shore Drive - Lorraine Creedon will send a letter indicating they are now part of the Association and will be receiving a invoice for taxes.

Fence will be added to Bridge Street lot - Jason Stebbins has chain link fencing and pipe, Randy Williams may have some pipe as well.

The following items were touched upon regarding the annual meeting:
Five Year Plan for Properties -
Jason Stebbins received great feedback on his presentation provided at the Annual Meeting
Based on the response from the meeting regarding the boat launch no plans were agreed on

The following items need to be addressed
Erosion at the water's edge
Top Soil to cover up roots - Need top soil in order for anything to grow
Best time to complete this would be September/October time frame
Need to be completed in Phases
Upper Cottage Access

Jason Stebbins to gather additional information regarding (pricing and access, etc.) for a wall

Jason Stebbins stated that association member have access to purchase landscaping supplies (pavers, tools, nursery supplies) at wholesale prices. The terms are COD and Jason must be present. He can be contact for additional information

Communications Committee - George Temple, Daniel Hart, Jeffrey Duga, Sharon Ledger
No Updates

Welcome Book Committee - Nelson Rodriguez, Lorraine Creedon
Lorraine Creedon sent out email
The committee will begin work on revisions over the summer.

Activity Committee - George Temple, Carrie Bond, Darlene Duga, and Jason Stebbins
Events -
Movie Night - June 23
Boat Parade - June 30

Coming Up Events -
July 21 - Ice Cream Social
August 11 - Fishing Derby
Tie Dye T-Shirts - Date to be determined

Randy Williams suggested a Company the will come and set up the movies - Additional information needed.

Audit Committee - Lorraine Creedon and Janice Labroad
Lorraine Creedon to audit Lori Parker
Janice Labroad to audit Lorraine Creedon

Veteran Committee - Jason Stebbins, George Temple, Daniel Hart, Jeffrey Duga, Sharon Ledger, Randy Williams, Leslie Cunningham and Nelson Rodriguez
Jason Stebbins: Planted the willow tree on the Bridges Lot
Daniel Hart/Nelson Rodriquez - Bolder is in place
Daniel Hart will look into purchasing a Flag Pole and Flag. The size of the flag is also being looked into -
9x5 Flag is $95
Next size is 7x11 - Price is unknown at this time.
Daniel Hart was going to contact Home Depot regarding donations for materials - Pole, Sonics etc - He will contact Lorraine Creedon or Sharon Ledger if letter head is needed for donations
Purchase a Bronze Plaque with Armed forces Flags - Suggested wording God Bless America - Shaker Pines Salutes our Armed forces - $517
Roger's Memorial was contacted and a written order was received - which would include setting of the rock and engraving - Would be completely completed by September
Goal is to have a dedication ceremony during the Block Party celebration
Suggested to have Clergyman and Representative from Armed Forces at ceremony - Lorraine Creedon to forward name of individual to contact.

Old Business
Stonegate - Previously was proposed at 96 units it is now down to 42 units - Shaker Pines Lake Association took legal action with Stongate a few years back with a $30k cost
Extension was granted on the permit
Randy to meet with Lori Parker for update on Stonegate project

Nelson Rodriguez will follow up with Irene Percoski and Lori Parker regarding the keys that will need to be returned.
Additional keys will then be distributed to new board members

Lake testing reports are not being received - Nelson Rodriguez to check and forward any information on to Leslie Cunningham

Refinishing of the Lake Association Sign - Nelson Rodriguez to check with Corrections Institute

New Business
Facebook page for Shaker Pines Lake Association - In need of a volunteer to set up and maintain.

Nelson Rodriguez presented a sample of a Fundraising Calendar for the upcoming 2013 year. It was discussed to have the dates relating to Shaker Pines functions included on the Calendar. Additional information will be requested.

In the future an updated map of the lake will need to be requested with the new lots/member added.


Motion made by Leslie Cunningham, seconded by Randy Williams and carried to adjourn at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sharon Ledger

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