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Shaker Pines Lake Association Monthly Meeting Minutes
August 7, 2012.

Meeting opened at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Board members present: Nelson Rodriguez, Leslie Cunningham, Lorraine Creedon, Sharon Ledger, Jason Stebbins, Daniel Hart, Jeffrey Duga and Randy Williams
Board members absent: George Temple
Tax Collector: Janice Labroad present

Minutes of the July 3, 2012 regular meeting were presented by Sharon Ledger - Motion was made by Lorraine Creedon to accept the minutes seconded by Jeffrey Duga seconded motioned carried unanimously.

Remarks from Association Members
Irene Percoski: Suggested placing a plaque at the Memorial location acknowledging the Shaker Pines Mill. Also, suggested a Cardboard Boat Race be held for the teenagers. The kids would make boats out of cardboard and attempt to race them on the lake.

Nelson Rodriguez and Randy Williams stated individual previously spoken to regarding trespassing was seen again at the Spillway. Randy Williams called the police who then followed the individual to his home.

Correspondence/Communication Received
Leslie Cunningham has received Lycott Environmental and Kelly Fradet invoice which were given to the Treasurer, Lorraine Creedon for payment.

Treasurer Report
Treasurer Report for June 2012 and August 2012. Interest received totaled $124.57 breakout provided below.

Interest SBR - Money Market $ 5.01
  Certificate of Deposit $56.43
  Total Interest June 2012 $61.44
Interest SBR - Money Market $ 4.76
  Certificate of Deposit $58.36
  SBR - General Fund $ 0.01
  Total Interest July 2012 $63.13
Account Balances as of July 31, 2012  
Money Market   $ 30,572.94
Certificates of Deposit -   $ 99,105.02
General Fund -   $   9,492.57
Total Savings   $139,170.53
Checking Account -   $ 104.31
Certificate of Deposits -    
  • 6 Month CD
  • Matures 10/8/2012 Interest Rate 0.35%
  • 36 Month CD
  • Matures 06/16/2014 Interest Rate 1.50%
  • 6 Month CD
  • Matures 10/16/2012 Interest Rate 0.90%

    Cash Deposits into the general fund for July 2012 totaled $9,416.94.

    Payments processed for July 2012 totaled $1,169.06.
    Please note amount approved for payment at the July 3rd meeting was $1,269.06 which is $100.00 less then amount approved. The payment to Buono Vita in the amount of $100.00 was approved and paid in the previous month.

    Janice Labroad asked if the insurance company requires a listing of the board members to which the response was no. She also inquired since Tax Collector is not a board member would the Insurance coverage for the directors coverage include the Tax collector as well. The response was yes since that is an elected position.

    A motion was made by Jason Stebbins and seconded by Jeffrey Duga to approve $4,351.41 for payment of bills Motion Carried.
    The following payments will be processed -
    Payable to: Description Amount
    George Temple - Misc. - Ice Cream Social $ 87.48
    Lycott Environmental- Lake Treatment $ 3,850.00
      Insurance- $ 199.20
    Travis Buck July Mowing $ 200.00
    Kelly Fradet Misc. - $ 14.73

    A motion was made by Sharon Ledger and seconded by Jason Stebbins to approve $170.19 for payment of bills Motion Carried. The following payments will be processed -
    Payable to: Description Amount
    Town of Enfield- Misc. - Release of Liens $ 100.00
    Awards & More - Misc - Fishing Derby $ 70.19

    A motion was made by Jeffrey Duga and seconded by Leslie Cunningham to approve $132.94 for payment of bills Motion Carried. The following payments will be processed -
    Payable to: Description Amount
    Jason Stebbins Misc - Memorial Tree $ 132.94
    Total August approved payments - $4,654.54  

    Tax Collector Report
    Janice Labroad reported for July 2012 - $9,416.94 was collected.

    161 Cottage Road was sold and all back taxes were collected.
    10 Liens were released and 1 Additional Lien needs to be processed.

    Janice Labroad presented a draft sample of the Notice of Past Due Taxes forms that she would like to use. Late notices will be sent out in November 2012. Lien notices will be sent out in January 2013.

    Committee Reports
    Ecology - Leslie Cunningham, Jason Stebbins, Daniel Hart and Janice Labroad
    Leslie Cunningham contacted Lycott Environmental regarding the lake treatment. Leslie received notification treatment will be done Thursday, August 16, 2012. Leslie stated she has not been happy with the response from Lycott since the ownership transfer.

    Company was previously owned by Lee Lyman new owner is now Will Stevens. Leslie will be contacting owner to voice dissatisfaction of the response time and service.

    Jason Stebbins: Spillway was not opened after all the rain we received. Noted the Cormorant has been seen and Geese are returning.

    Properties - Jason Stebbins, George Temple, Nelson Rodriguez, Randy Williams
    106 Cottage Road - Needs to be cleared and clean up - This will be completed in the fall

    Dave Tuttle from Town of Enfield - Beach area pipe erosion has been noted and needs to be addressed

    92 West Shore Drive - Lorraine Creedon will send a letter indicating they are now part of the Association and will be receiving a invoice for taxes.

    Fence will be added to Bridge Street lot - Jason Stebbins and Randy Williams are gathering supplies to complete this project.

    There are trees in the lake from last year's storm that need to be cleared out. Nelson Rodriguez and Leslie Cunningham will be identifying the properties that need to be cleared. They will be taking pictures and letters will be sent to the owners notifying them that clean up is necessary or they will be fined $10 per day.

    Janice LaBroad brought to attention there is a large tree branch in the spillway that needs to be removed.

    Hallmark Card representative was given a tour of the area by Darlene Duga on Monday, August 7th. The areas that need attention were pointed out and noted. Hallmark Cards will be reviewing and replying to Nelson Rodriguez with an action plan end of this week beginning of next. They will also be putting up No Trespassing signs and having their security monitor the area more frequently.

    Welcome Book Committee - Nelson Rodriguez, Lorraine Creedon
    Lorraine Creedon - No Updates

    Communications Committee - George Temple, Daniel Hart, Jeffrey Duga, Sharon Ledger
    No Updates from committee
    Newsletter to be distributed in September

    Activity Committee - George Temple, Carrie Bond, Darlene Duga, and Jason Stebbins
    Events -
    July 21 - Ice Cream Social

    Coming Up Events -
    Fishing Derby - Scheduled for August 11 (If rain date is needed date will be posted on the board)
    Tie Dye T-Shirts - Date to be determined
    Movie Night - Date to be determined
    Block Party - Saturday, September 15th (Rain date Sunday, September 16th)

    Fishing Derby update by Jeffrey Duga - Everything is set for the Fishing Derby. Trophies have been ordered and will be picked up.

    Block Party -Linda Marr presented a letter to the board outlining the arrangements for the block party. Linda Marr will coordinate this event as she has in the past. Request will be submit to have the road closed between 10AM - 6PM on Saturday, September 15th.

    Eddie Prajzner from Shaker Pines Fire Department approached the board with a fund raising opportunity. This year they will not be hosting the Terror in the Pines event as they will be joining forces with the East Windsor Trolley Museums. The event will take place Friday and Saturday nights in October from 7-9:30 PM. Last years attendance was approx 8,000 people. The fire department will be running the concessions for this event. They are in need of manpower as well as food/baked goods and have agreed to split the profits with Shaker Pines Lakes Association.

    Nelson Rodriguez will be contacting George Temple and Carrie Bond to discuss participating in this event with the Shaker Pines Fire Department. Information will be provided in the September Newsletter.

    Tag Sale - Janice Labroad would like to have a community tag sale in the October/November time frame.

    Audit Committee - Lorraine Creedon and Janice Labroad
    No Updates

    Veteran Committee - Jason Stebbins, George Temple, Daniel Hart, Jeffrey Duga, Sharon Ledger, Randy Williams, Leslie Cunningham and Nelson Rodriguez
    Jason Stebbins provided the following update on the Bridge Street Veterans Memorial -

    In appreciation of our Armed Forces and Fire and Police Departments, It has been decided that on the Bridge Street site overlooking the lake we will have a Memorial in honor of their service. Recently a Willow tree was planted along with a large bolder has been places of which a plaque will be attached. A Nautical Flag Pole with locked box will be installed with a circle around the flag pole with cobblestone and decorative stones. A bench will be installed and secured. There will be lighting on the Flag of which the board members will be considerate of the neighboring homes. We are planning a dedication ceremony at the Saturday, September 15th Block Party.

    • Willow tree has been planted
    • Bolder has been set in place

      Outstanding items

    • Nautical Flag Pole - Cost $1,800
    • Box to lock as well
    • 24 inch sonotube, anchor bolts and bags of concrete needed for installation of the flag pole
    • Size of Flag
    • Lighting for Flag - Need to be considerate of neighboring homes - Jason to get additional information on lighting options. One suggestion was to installing low voltage box with sensor underground.
    • Wording and ordering of the plaque
    • Installation of plaque - Bolted vs. Adhesive
    • Bench needs to be placed/secured at site
    • Contact Clergyman, Armed Forces (Teddy Pladmonden), Fire and Police Representative to be present during Dedication ceremony during the Block Party celebration -
    Sunday, August 12th Jason Stebbins, Randy Williams, Daniel Hart and Nelson Rodriguez will be working on getting site ready for dedication. Thank you all for all your hard work in making this come together.

    Old Business
    Stonegate Project - No update -
    Randy Williams will meet with Lori Parker for an update on the Stonegate project.

    Jason Stebbins - Town of Enfield approved a zoning change on the Mayfield Luxury Apartments.

    Irene Percoski returned set of keys to Nelson Rodriguez.

    Refinishing of the Lake Association Sign - Nelson Rodriguez received notification one sign remains to be completed.

    Leslie Cunningham stated she spoke to Jessica Duga regarding setting up a Facebook Page. Jessica Duga has some concern on the security and maintenance of the page. Nelson Rodriguez will set up a meeting with Jessica Duga and the committee members.

    Five year Plan for Properties and Lower Cottage Road Beach Project - Tabled for time being

    If any one has any photos that they would like to see in the 2013 fundraising calendar to forward them to Nelson Rodriguez. Shaker Pines Association function dates and advertisements/coupons from local business will be printed on calendar. Depending on the cost of printing the cost will be $8-10 each. Janice Labroad has a printing contact that she will contact inquiring the cost.

    Janice Labroad also suggested anyone that purchased a calendar could be entered into a month drawing. It was suggested monthly prize could be gift certificates.

    New Business
    Due to the recent rain storm the roads need to be swept - Nelson Rodriguez to follow up on this

    Motion made by Leslie Cunningham, seconded by Lorraine Creedon and carried to adjourn at 9:17 PM.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Sharon Ledger

    Previous Month's Minutes if Interested: (Please close the new window created when done reading)



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